Biography and Curriculum Vitae:

Estefania Velez Rodriguez


Our identities and human behaviors are constructed through and created by our own societies and become part of the behavioral normative structures. These constructions have become important to me in terms of identity. I am a liminal creature existing in between passing and failing at my multi cultural identity of Hispanic American. In some aspects, I assimilate to cultural behavioral structures of what is normative and in other aspects, I fall short. My story relates to the myth of my origin. I question and play with aspects of my identity by using stereotypical objects, color, sounds and symbols mixed with humor to express awkwardness of feeling like an outlier. I also use humor in paintings to deal with sexual gracelessness. Painting, video, sound and drawing become mediums in which to talk about insecurities and perceived failures of categorizing humans and objects within our physical and symbolic world.

    My artistic practice has changed since moving from Florida to New York City. I find myself asking more questions about identity and making work that uses emblems of the city, like broken subway tiles and plants, as different symbolic places within my paintings. I borrow the bright natural colors of my Puerto Rican and Floridian upbringing in opposition to the darker muted colors of New York City within paintings to represent the spaces that I inhabit. The death of my mother and absence of father informs my questions of identity, because I do not have a home to return to physically or psychologically. I find myself not knowing where I fit, whether cosmically, physically, or culturally; I am constantly questioning who I am not just by my internal dialogue, but through external conferences the world gives me.


  Brooklyn College CUNY, Masters of Fine Arts, 2017
  University of South Florida, Bachelors of Fine Arts, 2015


  2019   False Catalogs (solo show), Auxiliary Projects, Brooklyn, NY
  2019   Portray, Prey, Disobey,  Lucas Lucas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY  

  2018   Hot Melon Nest, Cunsthaus Gallery, Tampa, FL

  2018   Catch as Catch Can, Spaceworks Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  2018   Fountain of Youth, Railroad Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

  2018   Queens College Arts Festival, Queens College, NY

  2018   It Just Sort Of Happens One Day, Paradice Palase, Brooklyn, NY

  2017   Detected Flux, Dixon Place, NY, NY

  2017   Layers Of Artifice, Robert, Brooklyn, NY

  2017   Filtergeist, Open House Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
  2017   Commencement, Smack Mellon Gallery, NY, NY
  2017   MFA Open Studios, Brooklyn College, Brooklyn, NY
  2016   The Hidden Curriculum, MOCA Open Engagement, Oakland, CA
  2015   Its About Time, Centre Gallery, Tampa, FL
  2015   Nonrefundable, The Lockbox, Tampa, FL
  2015   Salon De Refuses, USF gallery, Tampa, FL
  2014   Photography Exhibition, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL
  2014   Walls of Dan, Oliver Gallery, Tampa, FL   
  2013   Death of Luz Daisy Velez, PechaKucha Tampa Museum of Art, Tampa, FL

  Castro, Samantha: “Feminist Artist Speaks to Students About Artistic Expression”, The Kingsman, 2017
 Mavra, Tommy: “MFA Studio Spotlight”, Brooklyn College Art and Info, 2016
 Hardy, Adam: “Graduating Students present Nonrefundable Gallery Show at The Lockbox”, Creative Loafing, 2015


  2019, Professor of Design Fundamentals, Rutgers University - Newark

  2019, Professor of Drawing 1, Rutgers University - Newark

  2018, Professor of Design Fundamentals, Rutgers University - Newark

  2017, Professor of Design Fundamentals, Rutgers University - Newark
  2017, Professor of 2-D Design and Color Theory, Brooklyn College CUNY
  2017, Professor of Abstract Thoughts in Painting, Brooklyn College CUNY
  2016, Teaching Assistant to Michael Cloud (painting 3), Brooklyn College CUNY
  2016, Teaching Assistant to Michael Cloud (BFA Thesis), Brooklyn College CUNY
  2016, Teaching Assistant to Thomas McGrath (Advanced Painting), Brooklyn College CUNY


   2018, Artist Talk with NYFA (Dialogos en Espanol) (Brooklyn NY)  
  2018, Visiting Artist for Paradice Palase (Brooklyn NY)
  2018, Visiting Artist for Sweet Lorraine Gallery (Brooklyn, NY)
  2017, Dedalus Foundation Grant nominee
  2016-2017, Brooklyn College Teaching Fellowship
  2014-2015, University of South Florida Artist Grant